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Goin’ floral

Every year I take online courses to push my style forward and get some inspiration. Feels a bit like art school (and how I loved art school) with one assignment per week and then show the result in a facebook group. Every time my mindset is to be social and make new friends but it often ends with me ducking the whole FB group.

Right now, I’m in a course called Explore florals by Victoria Johnson and I wanna show you some patterns I’ve made on the theme Vintage Abstract; ruffly meaning heavily stylised flowers, overlapping and imperfect as in real life.



1.  Painted with an old half-ruined brush to avoid details and added thin pencil lines for contrast.

2. Cut paper flowers with scissors and arranged them under and over each other to get some random space in the pattern.

3. Painted leaves and flower silhouettes with masking fluid. Painted over the masking fluid and when it was dry – peeled it off. Loved this, it was like magic!

It’s amazing how many ways there are to create and I love leaving some parts to chance.


I still have two weeks of the course to enjoy: Botanica (very detailed, botanically accurate illustrations) and Ditsy (tiny flowers).

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